Flygt 2000 Series Flygt 2071

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Product Features
  • Poly-Life® polyurethane wear parts for additional wear resistance
  • Fits into tight spaces, 7.2 in (185 mm) wide for 8 in pipes
  • Two-stage hydraulic end for high-head and slimline design
  • Suitable for active dewatering

Tough dewatering pump 

The Flygt 2071 is designed for tough operating conditions where the water or liquid contains stone chips, drilling fines, or tailings. 

The pump is available with Poly-Life® polyurethane wear parts for extra resistance.

The semi-open impeller is made of high chrome for trouble-free and clog-free operation. The MT version has a two-stage hydraulic end for achieving high-heads in a slimline design.

Slimline drainage pump for confined spaces

These light-weight, aluminum pumps are ideal for active dewa­tering projects. Only 7.2 in (185 mm) in diameter, the Flygt 2071 slimline design makes them easily fit into pipes or other confined spaces, including 8 in bore holes. 


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