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Mini-Accumulator Tank

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Product Features
  • Internal bladder
  • Smoother, more even flow
  • Quieter water system
  • Longer pump life
  • Easily fitted to new or existing systems
  • Compact size Quick-connect/disconnect port flttings
  • Mounting point for optional pressure switch
  • Food grade materials, NSF Standard 18 listed


This accumulator tank is intended for installation in anypumped water system controlled by a pressure switch, andmay also be used with air-driven pumps. The tank can serve asstorage vessel as well as a pulsation dampener for pressurizedfluid. The accumulator tank smoothes water flow and reduceson/off switch cycling of the pump by lessening the variation inpressure and flow between the pump and the systemdischarge points. The even flow of water gives better control ofhot water temperature with systems using instant waterheaters.


The accumulator tank is pre-charged at 10 psi (0.7 bar). If yourpump electric pump cut-in pressure is significantly differentyou may adjust the tank pressure to better suit your particularinstallation.To increase air pressure in tank, shut pump off, open a faucetto relieve system pressure and adjust precharge pressureusing ordinary tire gauge and tire pump at valve in end of tank.Pressure should be checked from tome to time. To check tankpressure: turn off power to water pump, open a faucet torelieve pressure. Check tank pressure, adjust if necessary.Close faucet and turn on power to pump. For best results, donot pressurize tank above 20 psi (1.4 bar).

Model No.: 30573-0002



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