Flygt SmartRun’s cleaning function wins 2016 RIONED Innovation Award

Flygt SmartRun’s cleaning function wins 2016 RIONED Innovation Award

Xylem recently announced that Flygt SmartRun’s cleaning function has won the 2016 RIONED Innovation Award. The RIONED Foundation is the national center of expertise in sewer management and urban drainage in the Netherlands. The Innovation Award recognizes cutting-edge advancements in the field of urban water resilience and management.

Flygt SmartRun was recognized with the award for its state-of-the-art pump cleaning function, which delivers a new level of reliability and efficiency in an easy-to-install solution. The intelligent pump controller’s advanced cleaning function, optimized for use with the Flygt N-impeller, detects abnormal blockages of the impeller and triggers an automatic cleaning sequence by momentarily reversing the impeller direction.

Working in tandem with Xylem’s Flygt Experior wastewater pumping solution, Flygt SmartRun can significantly reduce a pump station’s costs. According to Xylem’s test, Flygt SmartRun can lead to energy savings of up to 50 percent and a reduce unplanned maintenance call-outs typically required to address clogging. Xylem is so confident in the Flygt SmartRun solution that it has introduced a two-year clog-free guarantee when SmartRun is used with the renowned Flygt N-pump.

As SmartRun is pre-programmed, costly engineering work associated with pump station commissioning is eliminated. The intelligent pump controller solution intuitively finds the most energy-efficient pump speed for a specific application to ensure optimum efficiency. Start and stop ramps enable smoother, less abrasive pump operation, reducing wear and tear on the valves and increasing the lifetime of the pump. SmartRun can generate the same amount of torque as a direct online connected pump, which ensures a reliable start even in the toughest wastewater conditions.

“At Xylem we are committed to developing smart and sustainable solutions that solve everyday water challenges and advance the more efficient use of water around the globe,” said Tomas Brannemo, Senior Vice President and President of Transport at Xylem. “We are honored that Flygt SmartRun’s cleaning function has been recognized with the RIONED Innovation Award. SmartRun is redefining wastewater pumping by offering an effective solution that is reliable and efficient.”

Xylem’s recent report, Powering the Wastewater Renaissance, highlights the role that technologies such as SmartRun can play in increasing energy efficiency in wastewater management and reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The report finds that by adopting existing, energy-efficient technologies, related emissions can be cut by nearly half.

by Simon