Xylem WEDECO Acton PE

The latest Innovation in The Aquaculture Industry – Delivering an Exceptional Disinfection Rate

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Xylem WEDECO Acton PE: The latest Innovation in The Aquaculture Industry – Delivering an Exceptional Disinfection Rate

Our latest innovation; the Wedeco Acton PE, is a closed UV disinfection reactor designed to withstand the corrosive conditions in applications like aquaculture farms, aquaria, saltwater thermal pools and well boats.

Xylem has decades of experience of providing UV systems to the aquaculture industry and high corrosive environments. UV has been proven highly effective against aquaculture-specific pathogens, e.g. ISA virus and Aeromonas Salmonicida, without negative effects on the process water quality.

This latest technology offers a combination of robust design, durable material and efficient lamp technology, to deliver world-class reliability and cost-efficiency, with disinfection rates of 99.99%. 

Here Is How It Can Benefit Your Aqua Plant:

Disinfection-Icon.pngExceptional Disinfection

Allowing higher productivity rate, lower fish mortality and better-quality fish

Energy-Icon.pngLow Energy Consumption

High power output while still achieving significant power savings

Flexibility-Icon.pngFlexibility & Easy Operation

Low maintenance required and eco touch user friendly control panel

Durable-Icon.pngDesigned to Last

Non-corrosive and extremely reliable in harsh water conditions

Nobody Knows Aquaculture Like Xylem

Productive Aquaculture starts with clean water. At Xylem, we can help you control your costs while enhancing your operations. We design, manufacture and maintain a wide range of systems for every aquaculture application.

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