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Standardized Pump Stations

A proper pump sump design is critical for ensuring a reliable pump system with a long life. An incorrectly designed pump sump can result in poor performance and mechanical issues with the pumps and other equipment. Flygt has developed a number of standard wastewater pump station designs ensuring reliable and efficient pumping. Extensive physical testing, pump application expertise and years of experience have been put to work to optimize the design of these stations.

  • The design of a Flygt pump station aims to achieve:
  • Smallest possible footprint at the lowest possible cost
  • Elimination of sedimentation and build-up of solids in the sump
  • Reliable handling of varying inflow
  • High-quality inflow to each pump under all operating conditions
  • Ease of installation, maintenance and repair

Our standard wet well designs have been verified by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and physical scale model testing, as well as based on our numerous reference installations worldwide. Thousands and thousands of pump stations operating reliably around the world today attest to our success.


Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a sophisticated computer-based fluid dynamic design code used to simulate dynamic fluid flows and processes. By utilizing CFD, we can offer a high level of accuracy in predicting flow behavior, and in some cases mass transfer, for a variety of situations. Our engineers can model complete pumps with rotating impellers and complex systems such as pump stations, mixing or aeration tanks.

To help evaluate and develop pumping solutions, Flygt engineers use different flow visualization and data-reduction techniques to translate vast quantities of data generated in the simulation process into an understandable form. We typically study everything from the overall flow patterns in a pump station to minute details of the flow conditions inside the pump inlet. We look for the risk of any adverse hydraulic conditions and develop efficient and reliable solutions.

We insist on using the best CFD software commercially available. In fact, we use the same software as other major high-tech industries, such as aerospace, automotive, power, chemical and environmental. We take great care to ensure that the numerical simulations are consistent with the measurable, physical reality typical of our applications. Working exclusively with contaminated water gives us unique expertise in the field since we are experts on the analyzed media. But even the best software is not enough: Our skilled CFD modelers, equipped with PhD degrees and vast experience in wastewater pump sump modeling, ensure that we arrive at the best solutions for you.

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