What size Jabsco marine toilet bowl do I have?

Here we explain how to identify if you have a household / regular size bowl or compact size bowl if you're looking to replace your Jabsco marine toilet seat or lid.


Jeff: Thanks for watching jabscotech.com. I'm Jeff Lander.

Mike: And I’m Mike Irving.

Jeff: And today we're going to show you how to identify whether you have a compact or regular sized bowl.

Mike: Now, if you're looking at the bowls, you're going to see that one is more elongated, and then the other one is more circular. So let's flip them up. Open them up. And there you see – circular, elongated. Now the neat thing about these is if you have a household size seat and household size porcelain that's actually going to be the same porcelain and same seat as a 37010, the Quiet Flush, and the manual toilet. But we use them across the board. Same thing for the compact. We use the same porcelain and the same seat for each of those sizes.  

Jeff: Now we get questions, Mike, on whether the toilets are actually different, you know in their pumps or in their parts, it's actually the same. The only difference between the household and compact size toilet, whether it be a 37010, Quiet Flush or manual toilet is the bowl size and seat. So same macerator pump, same pump assembly, so on and so forth. Now people called because they want to replace the seat and lid. So if you have a compact size bowl, the replacement seat and lid is a 29097-1000. If you have a household size bowl, the replacement seat and lid part number is at 29127-1000. What do you think? Think that wraps it up right?

Mike: Yeah, hopefully this was informative. I'm Mike Irving.

Jeff: And I'm Jeff Lander.

Mike: Stay tuned; we’ll have more videos coming at you.