SonTek-SL Series SonTek®-SL1500 Side-Looking Doppler Current Meter

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Product Features
  • 3G, mid-range option with wide array of use
  • Sampling range: 0.2 to 20m (0.7-66 ft)
  • Minimum channel width: 1.0m (3.3 ft)
  • Acoustics — Vertical Beam Width: 2.9°
  • Lightweight, easier to mount than comparable systems
  • Measures water velocity, level, and flow with velocity profiling

A slimmed-down design and SmartPulseHD® makes the SL1500 (3G) the most versatile system available. Collect high-quality data in a horizontal profile, range of 0.2m to 20m (0.7 to 66ft). Get the highest resolution and data quality possible - even as conditions change - courtesy of SmartPulseHD intelligence applied specifically for side-looking operation.

Ideal for:

  • Rivers, streams, water delivery canals, irrigation canals and laterals
  • Unrivaled performance in very slow (even no flow) and reversing conditions
  • Hydropower, stormwater, and municipal sites that require easy access and
    cannot interfere with plant operations

Smart Software

Every SonTek-SL comes complete with industry-leading, user-friendly Windows software packages including SonTek’s velocity indexing discharge rating software, FlowPack. Print professional reports easily with the confidence that you will produce consistent, robust results.
An entire rating analysis can be completed in a matter of minutes with automatically developed stage-area relationships and selection of the best-fit velocity index equation. Data can be imported from a variety of resources including SonTek instruments and other devices.



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