Jabsco Quiet Flush E2 Marine Toilet

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Ready for When Nature Calls

From crowded charter boats to racing yachts and everything in between, the Jabsco Quiet Flush E2 electric marine toilet has been designed to solve some of the biggest marine waste challenges facing boat owners and manufacturers. With its simplified installation, ease of serviceability and sleek touch sensor control, the Quiet Flush E2 brings a whole new level of convenience and comfort onto the water.

Product Features
  • Rotatable base and discharge pump for flexibility in tight spaces
  • Quick-release system provides easy access to the discharge pump
  • Touch sensor panel with three settings, including water-saving, eco flush cycle
  • Quiet soft-close seat on regular bowls
  • Compact or regular bowl sizes available
  • Fresh or raw water rinse models
  • Easy-to-clean shroud

Easy 2 Install

The Quiet Flush E2 boat toilet base can be rotated to the left, right or rear of the bowl to suit multiple installation options. The discharge pump can be rotated 180 degrees to suit base orientation and ensure pipework is routed to the rear of the toilet. Straight or 90-degree discharge ports are available for easy install.

Easy 2 Service

The Quiet Flush E2 features a quick-release system that allows for fast and easy removal of the discharge pump and hose when servicing is necessary. The C-Clip design releases the pump assembly from the toilet base without the need for tools, resulting in fast service time.

Easy 2 Operate

The stylish, low-profile design of the multi-function touch panel is engineered for wet room installations and allows for eco flush and full flush functions. Only 1 litre (1 quart) is used per flush using eco mode. The touch panel also allows for a no spill ‘empty’ function to leave the bowl dry when the boat is in motion.  

Flushing Options

For sea, lake or river water flushing the Quiet Flush E2 electric toilet includes a 12V or 24V 3GPM (11 LPM) Jabsco Par-Max 3 rinse pump, 40 mesh in-line strainer, and ½ inch (15mm) hose barb ports.

For on-board freshwater flushing, the Quiet Flush E2 includes a solenoid valve, quick-connect port fittings, ½ inch (15mm) inlet, ¾ inch (19mm) outlet, and integral mesh filter. A double check valve protects against potable water contamination, and it’s mountable in any orientation.

Model Numbers

38045-3092 Compact bowl 
38045-3094 Compact bowl 
38245-3092 Compact bowl 
38245-3094 Compact bowl 
38045-4192 Regular bowl 
38045-4194 Regular bowl
38245-4192 Regular bowl
38245-4194 Regular bowl


System Components

System Components

Multi-Function Touch Panel

  • Stylish low-profile design
  • Touch-sensitive operation
  • Eco flush, full flush, or empty functions
  • Only 1-litre (1-quart) per flush using eco mode
  • Designed for wet room installations
  • No spill ‘empty’ feature to leave bowl dry when boat is in motion

Rinse Pump Kit

  • Comes with models used for sea, lake, or river water flushing
  • 12V or 24V 3GPM (11 LPM) Jabsco Par-Max 3' rinse pump
  • 40 mesh in-line strainer
  • ½ inch (15mm) hose barb ports

Solenoid Valve

  • Comes with models used for on-board freshwater flushing
  • Quick-connect port fittings
  • ½ inch (15mm) inlet, ¾ inch (19mm) outlet
  • Double check valve for protection against potable water contamination
  • Integral mesh filter
  • Mountable in any orientation

Discharge Ports

  • Straight or 90-degree discharge ports available for easy install


Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools



Technical Brochure