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Documentary “Brave Blue World” highlights water innovation

An inspirational new documentary shows how technologies and innovations are changing how we manage water. Filmed across five continents, “Brave Blue World” premiered in Hollywood on December 16. The documentary features water activists Matt Damon and Jaden Smith, a voice-over by Liam Neeson, and water technology innovators, including Xylem.
“This is a huge milestone for us,” says Paul O’Callaghan, Executive Producer and Founder of BlueTech Research, who spearheaded the project. “The Brave Blue World documentary is a collaboration and celebration of the scientific and technology advancements that have been taking place, often behind the scenes, to deliver water services.”
One year ago, the documentary’s crew set off to meet with pioneers who are finding solutions to one of the world’s biggest challenges – water.
“It is often an apocalyptic picture painted about the millions of people lacking access to safe sanitation and water,” O’Callaghan says. “But through Brave Blue World, we can spread the message that the situation is improving, the technology is there, and within our lifetime we can cure these global problems.”
The documentary includes visits to a NASA research center, to show how water is recycled in space, a textile plant in India that is meeting 90 percent of its water needs from recycled water, the world’s largest algae-powered wastewater treatment plant in Spain, and a children’s home in Kenya, where 50 liters of water a day are being provided from humidity in the air.
“What I’m most proud about is the plethora of global experts we’ve found to tell their stories,” says O’Callaghan. “Collectively, we can now help raise awareness of these issues and help fast-track the potential solutions.”
In the film, Xylem CEO Patrick Decker discusses how water challenges can be met in part through water reuse and inspiring young people.
"I think quite frankly if we create a movement among a younger generation, they will simply not tolerate that we do things as the status quo,” Decker says in the documentary. Xylem currently has a global partnership with Premier League Champions Manchester City to raise awareness of water issues with young people.
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