• YSI EXO Trade-Up Campaign

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YSI EXO Trade-Up Campaign

Trade in ANY BRAND SONDE with 4 sensors (in any condition) and receive up to a $4,000AUD trade-in discount

*Campaign purchase must include sonde and a minimum of 4 sensors.

Trade-In Values (AUD)

· $3,000 EXO1 (MultiParameter Sonde)

· $3,500 EXO3 (MultiParameter Sonde)

· $4,000 EXO2 (MultiParameter Sonde)

Offer ends: 31 March 2024

Purchase orders must be placed before campaign expiry date but deliveries are eligible post campaign date.

  • Maximum purchase of 5 sondes per order
  • Australia orders only
  • Offer cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts

EXO Sondes Family

Better data starts with better instruments

Good data is paramount in environmental monitoring, and it all starts with selecting the best instrument for the job. EXO is more than just a state-of-the art sonde – it’s a platform with unmatched flexibility for long-term water quality monitoring. EXO’s modular design offers endless customization, with a range of multiparameter sonde models, interchangeable smart sensors, industry-leading anti-fouling, as well as multiple integration and communication options.

Better data is also more comprehensive. EXO’s unmatched range of sensor and parameter options give you a wider view of your watershed while ultra-durable components make long-term deployments longer so you can see trends in data over time.

EXO is the ideal monitoring system for your next mission.



The ultimate monitoring platform

Built for the true professional, EXO2 is the ultimate sonde platform for continuous water quality monitoring. Seven ports offer superior flexibility with the widest range of smart sensor combinations for water quality monitoring. Extend your deployments by adding our best-in-class anti-fouling wiper brush to the central port. EXO2 also features an auxiliary port so you can daisy-chain additional sondes or integrate third-party sensors.

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Don't need a battery compartment? Try the EXO2s

EXO2 Sonde


Streamline continuous monitoring

Offering the greatest value of any sonde available on the market, EXO3 combines the maneuverability of the EXO1 with the powerful anti-fouling wiper of the EXO2. Five ports can be configured for any combination of smart sensors plus the central wiper for extended deployments. EXO3 also includes SDI-12 communications for streamlined integration into collection platforms or installations.

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Don't need a battery compartment? Try the EXO3s

EXO3 Sonde


Precision data on the go

With its small diameter, EXO1 can fit perfectly into most monitoring applications - including pipes and groundwater wells where space is limited. Four sensor ports provide space for multiparameter monitoring with the most common water quality parameters or any combination that works best for your job.

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Don't need a battery compartment? Try the EXO1s

EXO1 Sonde


Minimal size, maximum options

EXO-S Series Sondes provide the same payload and capabilities of their full-size counterparts, but in a compact design to go more places. These batteryless sondes deliver high-quality data and reliable performance in smaller spaces and applications where external power is available. Lighten your load for spot sampling or integration with drones, AUVs, and buoys.


EXO-S Sonde