YSI ProOBOD Optical BOD Probe

SKU: 626400
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Compact and Convenient for Conducting Lab BODs

The YSI ProOBOD® self-stirring optical BOD probes are designed to fit into standard 300 mL BOD bottles with an international version also available for use with other tapers. EPA approved for wastewater compliance reporting of BOD and CBOD.  

Product Features
  • Smart sensor retains calibration in the probe
  • User-replaceable, low-maintenance sensor with +1-year life
  • 2-year warranty; reliable and serviceable, design reduces cost-of-ownership and reduces down-time
  • Guarded sensor - the sensor guard provides protection of the sensor tip when taking the BOD probe in and out of BOD bottles
  • Probe body tapered to fit into a standard 300 mL BOD bottle and international versions
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • No warm-up time required
  • Self-stirring to provide representative sample and increase response times

The ProOBOD is designed for use with the YSI ProODOProSolo, and ProDSS instruments. Optical, luminescent technology eliminates the probe warm-up period and membrane changes. The self-stirring BOD probe has a super quiet lab stirrer that helps ensure a representative sample and improves DO response times.

Model #ProOBOD
Part #626400 - 115V U.S./Japan version; 2-m cable
Part #626401 - 230V International version; 2-m cable

Includes one optical sensor cap. Also includes correct power supply based on part # ordered and tapered funnel for the International version.

Requires 626281 ProODO, 626650 ProSolo or 626870 ProDSS instrument for use. 




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