YSI ProDSS 4 port Cable Assembly, With Depth

SKU: 626910-1
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Uses Digital Smart Sensors for Fast, Easy Setup and Storage, and Highest Quality Data

The 626910/626911 is a 4 port cable assembly for the ProDSS instrument available in lengths up to 100 meters. The sensor ports on ProDSS 4 port cables are universal, allowing for connection of ProDSS sensors in any sensor port. 

Product Features
  • 4 port ProDSS cable with depth sensor
  • Connect ProDSS optical DO, turbidity, conductivity/temperature, pH, pH/ORP, nitrate, ammonium, and chloride sensors in any combination with the 626910/626911.
  • Sensors are NOT included with ProDSS 4 port cables.

Note: A conductivity/temperature sensor (626902) must be installed in a ProDSS 4 port cable for accurate temperature compensation and measurement of all parameters except turbidity and TSS. All sensors, including conductivity/temperature, must be ordered separately.

The 626910/626911 features an integrated depth sensor. The depth sensor is mounted at the top of the bulkhead and does not take up one of the 4 available sensor ports.

Cables do not include temperature sensor; all cables include 4 sensor ports and a maintenance kit (3 port plugs, tube of Krytox lubricant, brush for conductivity probe, syringe for depth sensor cleaning, and sensor installation/removal tool).

A 1 lb weight is included with all cables 10 meters and longer while 10, 20 and 30-meter cables include a cable management kit.

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools