YSI Pro Series BOD Probe

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The Pro Series BOD Probe is used with the Pro20 and Professional Plus instruments. The ProBOD self-stirring BOD probes are designed to fit into standard U.S. style 300 mL BOD bottles with various funnels available for use with other tapers.

Measures Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature and includes a 1-meter cable assembly.


Simplifies BOD measurements
Modular design allows for serviceability
Uses convenient screw-on cap membranes
Stirrer ensures a representative sample
Includes 5908 Cap Membrane Kit (1.25 Mil PE cap membranes).

Uses 115V

DO/Temp 115V stirring BOD probe with 1-meter cable assembly. EPA approved for wastewater compliance reporting of BOD and CBOD.

SKU: 605780

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools