Leopold Type 360

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Product Features
  • Efficiency through a revolutionary 360° backwash technology
  • Cost effective installation and serviceability
  • Self-cleaning for superior reliability
  • Reduces backwash water consumption
  • Increases filter run times
  • Extends media life
  • Lowers energy costs

With the new Leopold Type 360 Underdrain, we are adding a bolt down model to our underdrain family providing: efficiency through a revolutionary 360° backwash technology, cost effective installation and serviceability, and self-cleaning for superior reliability.

Our unique 360° backwash design revolutionizes the single pass filtration industry by completely eliminating dead zones in the filter media. Slots and orifices around the underdrain allow water to penetrate the media from every angle.

By allowing for 100% backwash of the media above and between the laterals, the Leopold Type 360 Underdrain increases filter run times, reduces backwash water consumption, extends media life, and lowers energy costs.

The Leopold Type 360 Underdrain uses a modular lateral design to simplify installation. Unique hold-down brackets secure the laterals and enable service to individual underdrains through its innovative bolt down system. Reinforced polymer provides the Leopold Type 360 Underdrain with maximum strength while reducing the overall weight for easier transportation and installation. The underdrain is adaptable to all standard flumes and air feeds to facilitate rehabilitation and retrofits of existing filters.

The strength of the Leopold Type 360 Underdrain is unprecedented in the market. As the strongest bolt down product, with an uplift resistance above 15 psi, it will withstand most unexpected events like hydraulic surges (water hammer). Durable reinforced polymer makes the Leopold Type 360 Underdrain 100% corrosion free to ensure a maximum filter lifetime. A patent pending, self-cleaning technology removes sediments that could build up in the underdrain over time and, combined with the high uplift resistance and corrosion free design, makes it the most reliable bolt down product on the market.



Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools