Ocean Current Meter Aanderaa SEAGUARD® II DCP Wave

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Profiling Current Meter and Wave

The optimal solution to measure directional waves, currents and water quality in one instrument.

The Aanderaa SEAGUARD II DCP Wave is a 600kHz Doppler Current Profiler able to measure directional wave parameters and currents from a bottom mounted installation.

Product Features
  • Real-time or self-recording with on-board processing of current and wave parameters from a bottom installation
  • Independent measurement of waves and currents with flexible set-up
  • A wide range of parameters available using Aanderaa plug and play smart sensors
  • Easy integration of third-party sensors
  • Adaptive pulse technology optimizing wave measurement accuracy

Innovative technology to ensure accurate low noise wave measurement

  • Covers the complete wave range (0.2m to 20m) without sacrificing accuracy
  • Automatically switches between two broadbands and one narrowband mode depending on wave height
  • Samples waves at 2Hz or 4Hz with a configurable integration interval from 5 to 30 minutes
  • Field proven and validated data

Comparison and validation using three other methods for wave measurement, including surface buoys

  • Possibility to integrate a wave pressure based sensor for redundant measurement and quality assurance
  • Most efficient current and wave profiler on the market offering ease of use and proven data quality
  • Maximum deployment depth of 40m

The Acoustic Wave software 5759 used by the DCPS implements unique features to improve the wave measurement accuracy by optimizing the signal to noise ratio. Maximum deployment depth is 40m in normal scatter conditions.

The SeaGuardII DCP Wave Doppler Current Profiler is available as a self-recording instrument, it is easily integrable into a real-time system offering reliable two-way communication. Redundant wave measurement for QA/QC can be implemented by adding the Wave and Tide Sensor 5218.

Applications of the SEAGUARD® II DCP Wave

  • Navigation safety
  • Prediction and modelling
  • Energy assessment
  • Infrastructure design
  • Coastal processes, erosion
  • Oil & Gas


Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools


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