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Measures Wave and Tide Conditions Based on a Silicon Pressure Sensor

The new Aanderaa SeaGuard WTR - Wave Tide Recorder is a robust instrument based on the SeaGuard Platform. It is a self contained instrument for measuring wave parameters, water level and temperature. The instrument can be used as a platform for additional measurements (e.g. CTD, current, dissolved oxygen and turbidity). 

Product Features
  • High Resolution and low drift
  • Low maintenance needs
  • Selectable interval from 2 seconds to 2 hours
  • SeaGuard Studio vizualisation software
  • Smart sensor topology based on a reliable CANbus interface (AiCaP)
  • Output parameters: Pressure, Temperature, Tide,
  • Significant wave height, Maximum wave height, Mean period, Peak period, Energy wave period, Mean zero-crossing period, Wave steepness, and Irregularity of sea-state. The WTR also provides raw
    data of the pressure and temperature measurements.
  • Real-Time XML Output on RS-422(optional)
  • For use in sea and fresh water
  • Windows CE based Datalogger with TFT based colour touch panel for configuration
  • Measurement range:
    0 - 400 kPa / ~30m depth
    0 - 1000kPa / ~90m depth

The SeaGuard Wave and Tide Recorder measures wave and tide conditions based on a silicon pressure
sensor 5218. The pressure measurements are sampled and temperature compensated by an advanced Digital Signal Processor.

The SeaGuard WTR application areas are in fixed installations, either deployed in a seabed installation
in shallow waters, or mounted onto a fixed structure in the upper water column.

Typical applications for the sensor are measurements of wave and tide in ports and harbours, marine operations, weather forecast, and climate studies.

The recommended deployment depth for wave measurements is in the range 6 - 15 meters.
The tide measurement is an average of the hydrostatic pressure measured over a time period of 10 seconds to 8 minutes (configured by the user). The update interval is between 2 seconds and 255 minutes. The wave measurements are based on the pressure time series measured over a time period of 64 seconds to 17 minutes (configured by the user). The update interval is between 2 seconds and 255 minutes.

Optional Sensors for the SEAGUARD® Wave and Tide Recorder:




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