BIB FAQ: Low Syrup Issues

Is your bag-in-box (BIB) system working but not supplying enough syrup? Here we cover a number of things that you can do to troubleshoot the situation.

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If your BIB system isn't supplying enough syrup, there are a number of things you can do to troubleshoot the situation. Of course, the first thing to check is your syrup container. Make certain it's not empty. If it is empty, replace it. When replacing a BIB or checking the connection of the BIB adapter to the BIB, it is a good idea to rinse the connector in warm water to remove any dried syrup that could be affecting the mating of the BIB connector to the BIB.

Each time you replace an empty BIB, make sure the connector is fastened securely. A loose bag connector is easy to prevent and is often overlooked as a vital step in proper fountain dispense operation.

If the bag connector is secure and the system is not delivering proper syrup levels, check the clamps and fittings for the particular flavor in the rest of the system. Make sure all the valves in the syrup system, both the dispense valves and the transfer valves, are open and operating properly. Make sure the transfer valve indicator shows that it's drawing from the BIB with syrup. Additionally, have a qualified service technician verify that the ratio of syrup to water meets the specifications for the syrup.

You might also need the service technician to check that the CO2 or air pressure supply to the pump is correct and make any necessary adjustments.

The tubing of the syrup system is important, so have the technician make certain the tubing used is sized properly for the line length. If it's not, they should replace the syrup tubing with larger diameter tubing.

Another common issue has to do with the number of beverage valves being served by the syrup system. The technician should make sure that the number of valves being served is within the BIB pump manufacturer’s specifications. If too many valves are being served, the technician should reduce the number of valves or upgrade to a pump that accommodates the additional number of valves in the system.