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Client Solution Architect

Engineering | Gurgaon, Haryana, India
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Job Details
  • After developing a strategic technical vision of the product, the solution architect is involved in estimating the budget and presenting it to the stakeholders. Once everything is agreed upon, he or she monitors the process of development and keeps stakeholders informed about the progress.
  • Job Description

    Client Solution Architect (CSA)

    The CSA’s job focuses on solution-level decisions and analysis of their impact on the overall business goals and outcomes. Just like the architect in the construction industry creating a general blueprint of a future building, a person at this position must have a profound knowledge of available technologies to suggest the best solution according to the incoming requirements and existing environment. So, we can say that the product of a CSA’s job is the set of technological solutions and the strategy of their implementation.

    After developing a strategic technical vision of the product, the solution architect is involved in estimating the budget and presenting it to the stakeholders. Once everything is agreed upon, he or she monitors the process of development and keeps stakeholders informed about the progress.

    We are flexible on location of workplace for deserving candidate.


    The position is to bridge the gap between business problems and technology solutions in India.

    Major Responsibilities:-

    • Finding the best solution among all possible to solve the existing business problems.
    • Describing the structure, characteristics, behavior, and other aspects of solutions to project stakeholders.
    • Defining features, phases, and solution requirements.
    • Providing specifications according to which the solution is defined, managed, and delivered.
    • Work closely with the delivery team and provide the right support and information to set them up to success meaning the deliverable is on time and on budget and ensuring that it solves the problem it was designed to solve.
    • Must be well informed and be involved when called upon on product development processes, costs, and budgeting.
    • Sales Support and Training to sales colleagues in particular their initial client incursions
    • Direct Sales support to Non-standard, Non-sistematic solution offerings.
    • Direct Sales support once the required solutions grow more complex and entail a bigger number of processes and risks
    • In Sales opportunities where many technology risks are present, uncertain requirements can appear, multiple products/modules must be implemented at once, or the underlying technologies are not fully mature yet.
    • When communications between stakeholders and engineers need to be established. A CSA will help to fill the communication gap between technical and non-technical specialists.
    • Collaboration with the product management team, solution architects cover the risks of product misalignment with stakeholder requirements and ensure that the solution fits the defined purpose.

    Other Requirements & Competencies

    • The CSA has to understand how all parts of the business model work together including processes, hardware if applicable and application architectures. Understanding these processes, they will be able to design a specific solution that fits the environment best.
    • Focused on meeting the stakeholders’ requirements. Usually, a solution has a number of stakeholders that are both technical and non-technical specialists. CSA’a aim is to ensure that all their requirements are taken into account. The CSA should translate technical project details into a language that management and non-technical stakeholders can understand.
    • Compliance with non-functional requirements

    Other Responsibilities

    • Analyzing the technology environment
    • Analyzing client’s specifics
    • Analyzing and documenting requirements
    • Setting the collaboration framework
    • Creating a solution prototype
    • Participating in technology selection
    • Controlling solution development
    • Supporting project management
    • While most of these responsibilities require a leadership role from a solution architect, this person just supports PM activities to ensure that resources, risk recognition, and planning stay aligned with the solution goals.

    Technical background and experience

    • At least eight years of work experience in one or more IT and Hydraulic areas including but not limited to:
      • IT architecture, infrastructure, and cloud development
      • Engineering and software architecture design
      • Business analysis
      • Development and/or Operations
      • Project and product management

    Personal Skills

    • Excellent communication skills.
    • Deep analytical skills
    • Project and resource management skills
    • Work collaboratively.
    • Able to influence and negotiate

    Minimum Qualifications: Education, Experience, Skills, Abilities, License/Certification:

    • This position requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil, Environmental, Mechanical or Chemical Engineering (or related B.S. degree in engineering/environmental studies)
    • Candidates with Bachelor’s Degree in Data science or Informatics with a proven experience in Environmental applications are also welcome to share their application
    • 8+ years of experience working in the field of clean water management and/or waste/storm water collection and/or treatment.
    • Proven experience using Hydraulic/Hydrology/Treatment Process modelling tools.
    • Proven experience of GIS
    • Proven Experience on working with multidisciplinary projects.
    • Proficient with Microsoft Office programs

    Preferred Qualifications:

    • Specific Hydro informatic training
    • Experience in software development
    • Experience with real time decision support systems applied to the water cycle
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