Unmanned Systems


The trend toward industrial and commercial automation with unmanned systems has been underway for some time to improve the safety and efficiency of surveying and mapping. The application of automation technologies will undoubtedly lead to an increased operational efficiency. HYPACK® is the perfect solution to maximize the return on investment for these platforms.

HYPACK®'s library of over 400 drivers covers a variety of hardware including positioning and sensing devices along with AUVs, which provides users with the most versatile solution on the market. Our software increases the versatility of the user's platforms while simultaneously maximizing the value of the sensor payload. Regardless of the environment where these unmanned platforms are deployed, users will benefit from HYPACK’s strong legacy of sensor and software support. 


Acquire directly georeferenced LiDAR data and imagery through our full turnkey NEXUS 800 Unmanned Aerial System, or leverage your own platform with HYPACK® onboard to maximize your data collection capabilities. HYPACK® provides the necessary tools to calibrate and post-process LiDAR data, as well as geotag RGB or thermal imagery. Additionally, HYPACK® provides modules to perform LiDAR bore sight calibration and advanced data analytics through the TIN Editor’s powerful Volumetrics module.


HYPACK® provides an end-to-end solution for ASVs/USVs. Plan and execute a full mission, acquire and process data, and generate final products. Use HYPACK® to pre-plan and execute user-defined missions through a real-time telemetry link that is compatible with several manufacturers’ onboard ASV/USV autonomy controllers. View acquired data in real time. HYPACK® for ASVs/USVs provides an abundance of tools to successfully execute survey missions and produce high quality products.


HYPACK® supports and can process a wide variety of sensor data collected onboard AUV platforms including inertial navigation, side scan, and multibeam sonar data. Create a common operating environment and increase operational safety by tracking the AUV in real time through HYPACK® Survey from the support vessel. Upon completion of the AUV's mission, HYPACK® provides the necessary tools for sensor calibration, corrector application, and sonar data post-processing. AUV data can then be overlaid as existing data coverage to maximize and monitor the survey’s efficacy and efficiency during the data collection mission.