Once a costly and physically prohibitive technology, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors have undergone innovations that have lowered their costs, making them a viable and attractive technology for your work. LiDAR sensors now find themselves on various platforms from aerial UAVs (Drones) to autonomous, marine-based platforms. Leverage HYPACK®’s robust support of these sensors to bring more value to your data.

HYPACK® also provides users with powerful tools to produce high quality datasets through a full-featured point cloud data processing module, allowing the user to manipulate the data display during editing and produce industry standard product outputs such as LAS or XYZ. For data presentation, use the HYPACK® Export to Web functionality. Easily share your data with customers through their own web browser.


Acquire LiDAR data and produce high quality point clouds. Leverage HYPACK’s strong support for multiple Inertial Navigation Systems and integrate them with various LiDAR sensors to perform direct georeferencing of point cloud data. Recolor point clouds with any spatially referenced imagery for truly realistic RGB/Intensity color models.


Increase your organization’s versatility and capabilities. HYPACK® can be applied to terrestrial LiDAR scanners and agile Mobile Mapping Systems that can collect data through a powerful sensor fusion engine. HYPACK® has been successfully applied to portable mapping systems as well as off-road utility vehicles for coastal mapping applications. 


Couple LiDAR sensors with your bathymetric data. HYPACK®’s powerful data collection engine allows survey operators to collect from both sensor types in real time. See the full picture above and below the water surface in 3D through the Real Time Cloud viewer. These capabilities allow the user to maximize their investment on LiDAR sensors by increasing the sensor's modularity. HYPACK® provides the right tools for you to perform your mission effectively!