Marine Toilets & Waste Management

Bring the comforts of home with you out on the water.

When you're out on the water, carrying around sewage is necessary. There are several different ways to deal with waste on board, including recirculating, composting, and incinerating toilets, but the most common marine toilet systems are plumbed to holding tanks. These range from simple, inexpensive self-contained heads to more complicated systems incorporating multiple valves, pumps and hoses.

As the world's largest manufacturer of small craft marine toilets, Jabsco sets the standard for reliability, serviceability, and ease of use. All our toilets can be used on inland waterways, rivers, lakes or the sea, and can be installed above or below the waterline. Jabsco manual marine toilets are found in more boats than any other brand and have now been improved even further with more robust construction and refined styling. With its modern design and materials, A Jabsco manual marine toilet is easy to install and service and offers exceptional value for your money.

When it comes to electric toilets, our Lite Flush, Quiet Flush and Deluxe Flush luxury range features low noise levels, so sleeping guests will not be disturbed when the toilet is used. You have the option of flushing with fresh water from your boat's own supply or with salt, river or lake water. Jabsco Lite Flush Toilets have an integral rinse and waste pump system encased in a stylish housing. Our Deluxe Flush Series Toilets have domestic-style bowls with all pump components hidden from view. And our Quiet Flush line features a pump at the rear of a narrow base, which allows it to be installed in tighter spaces. 

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