Boat Engine Cooling System

A wide range of rugged, reliable marine engine cooling systems.

Unlike a car motor, boat engines use the cool water from below the vessel to keep cool. There are two main types of marine cooling systems that boat engine manufacturers install on a boat. A raw water cooling system sucks the water in through a strainer and then cycles it through the engine block. That water then usually exits through the exhaust and out the back or below the boat. A closed-loop cooling system runs water through a series of heat exchangers, which avoids having any raw saltwater inside through the engine block.

Jabsco engine cooling pumps have a long tradition of innovation, and are engineered to effectively cool your engine, which results in better engine performance and fuel economy. With their rugged, compact, reliable design, good flow and wear-resistant impellers, these tough, long-lasting pumps are used in a wide range of marine cooling solutions that include heat exchanger cooling systems, keel cooling systems, and direct cooling systems. So whether you're offshore or at the dock, you can choose from a range of different sizes, mounts, and marine quality bronze and stainless-steel constructions.

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