Missed Xylem at IFAT? Here are three highlights from our sessions at the event

Missed Xylem at IFAT? Here are three highlights from our sessions at the event

At IFAT Munich this year, Xylem introduced Xylem Vue, our suite of digital solutions for water management across the water cycle. These digital solutions are already making an impact in communities around the world, helping save energy, lower costs and prevent combined sewer overflows. We also discussed the power of sports to raise water awareness and our renewed partnership with Manchester City FC.
Around 119,000 visitors attended IFAT Munich this year, one of the world’s leading trade fairs for environmental technologies. Xylem held more than 30 sessions at the event, on the themes of digital solutions, innovative new technologies, water distribution, and diversity and inclusion. Here are some of the key takeaways.

1. Introducing a new digital platform to redefine what’s possible for water

Xylem showcased the new Xylem Vue digital platform, which empowers water utilities to unlock data-driven insights. Xylem Vue combines smart and connected technologies, intelligent systems and services, and more than 100 years of problem-solving expertise.
“More than ever before, with the effects of climate change and urbanization, water utilities are facing increased pressures to modernize, upgrade, and improve at all levels,” said Hayati Yarkadas, President of Xylem Europe. “Digital adoption is no longer an option, it’s an urgent reality to meet those pressures.”
Xylem Vue is a suite of digital solutions for every step of the water cycle, including wastewater networks, treatment plants, drinking water networks and asset management. Complementing the physical technology layer offered by Xylem, the platform can leverage data, develop potential scenarios at scale, and deliver critical insights.

“With Xylem Vue we are collaborating with water utilities all over the world to solve their pressing water challenges along their digital journey,” said Yarkadas. “We are helping them reduce water loss, improve performance and lower costs, while ensuring water safety, affordability and resiliency.”

As part of the Xylem Vue session, Hayati Yarkadas presented the results that South Bend, Indiana, has achieved by implementing Xylem’s digital solutions. Due to its aging sewer system, the city of South Bend, Indiana, was discharging 1-2 billion gallons of combined sewer overflows each year into the Saint Joseph River. Xylem’s solution enabled the city to better use their existing sewer capacity, leading to a 70% reduction in overflows and a savings of $500 million in capital expenses.

“Before we started installing AI-powered sensors and working with the Xylem team, we didn't know what sewer lines were choked and overutilized and what additional capacity existed in the system,” said Kieran Fahey, Director, Long-Term Control Plan, Department of Public Works, City of South Bend, in a recent interview. “By leveraging digital technologies like smart sensors, we were able to tell continuously how to best manage each sewer’s capacity.”

Watch the full presentation of Xylem Vue at IFAT, including a panel discussion with water utility operators here.

2. Showcasing groundbreaking technologies that connect physical assets to a world of digital opportunities

Xylem held a session on its new digital solutions for wastewater treatment plants, Xylem Edge Control. The off-the-shelf solutions for conventional activated sludge (CAS) plants enable wastewater operators to control and monitor their assets, improve nutrient removal, save energy and reduce costs.
The solutions apply analytics to real-time data to provide utilities with rapid process recommendations to optimize chemical usage and aeration. By using Xylem Edge Control Pulsed Aeration, for example, wastewater treatment plants can reduce energy use from aeration by approximately 25%.
We also introduced a wider range of the Cordonel Static Flow Meter, our latest commercial and industrial smart meter. This high-performance bulk meter enables you to manage your distribution network more efficiently and provides accurate and reliable data in any installation or environmental condition.
Using advanced ultrasonic technology and a unique communications network, the Cordonel meter gathers precise low and high-flow data in real time. As a solid-state meter, it has no moving parts and offers a patent-pending flow tube with no obstructions, making it maintenance-free over its operational lifetime.

3. Leveraging the power of sports to raise global awareness on water

At IFAT, Xylem was also proud to present our renewed partnership with Manchester City FC. To accelerate progress in solving the world’s water challenges, Xylem works to raise awareness of both the water challenges we face and how to solve them, particularly with young people. Since Xylem partnered with ManCity in 2018, we have reached more than one billion people through water awareness and education activities. Xylem’s President and CEO Patrick Decker shares his thoughts on the partnership and Xylem’s mission here.

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