Remote pump monitoring helps aquaculture farmer work more effectively

Remote pump monitoring helps aquaculture farmer work more effectively

NLN Farms, located near the coastal town of Chocowinity, North Carolina, needed to transfer water from four aquaculture ponds to a nearby reservoir. The farm selected Xylem's Godwin CD100 dewatering pump for the job, with Field Smart Technology, which enables real-time monitoring and control of the pump from a smartphone.

Nick Dotson, a fourth-generation farmer and co-owner of NLN farms, stays busy managing his family’s farm and working a separate, full-time job. The Dotson farm has evolved over the years, switching from cattle to farm-raised catfish in the early 1990s, and starting with freshwater crawfish in 2019.

Every summer, Dotson needs to drain the crawfish ponds in order to provide the right conditions for decaying vegetation, the food source for crawfish. Transferring water from the farm’s four ponds to a nearby reservoir requires careful planning and an efficient pumping system.

Dotson selected Xylem's Godwin CD100 pump with Field Smart Technology for dewatering the ponds, since it enables him to remotely manage the pump from his smartphone – even while he is at his other job.

Getting full control with Field Smart Technology

The cloud-based Field Smart Technology solution means that Dotson can precisely control water levels in the ponds, 24/7, to ensure the best conditions for the crawfish.

“With Field Smart Technology, I don't have to babysit my ponds,” he says. “I can set specific alarms to alert me if something needs to be checked, or if my pump shuts down unexpectedly. I can manage my farm on my schedule.”

Field Smart Technology keeps a record of all pump activity, including run status, fuel usage, oil pressure and general engine health. The remote solution provides alarms for engine and pump maintenance, and real-time alerts that enable optimal operation and rapid response to outages or flooding.

“We’re now in the process of closing the crawfish season for the year, but over the last few weeks, I've been transferring the pond water to our main reservoir pond, and the Godwin pump with Field Smart Technology has done an amazing job during this process,” Dotson says.

A digital solution that minimizes manpower

As part of a generation that grew up with digital technology, Dotson looks for smart solutions to solve his business needs. By leveraging Xylem's Field Smart Technology, NLN Farms has minimized manpower by automating maintenance and service. This gives Nick the freedom and flexibility to pursue expansion opportunities.

“I am very impressed with the capabilities I have with both the pump and Field Smart,” Dotson says. “We are already looking into expanding in the industry over the next few years, and we look forward to working with Xylem as we continue to grow.”

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