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City of South Bend saves $400 million in CapEx spending by reducing combined sewer overflow by 80%

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Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua: Optimizing decision making. Streamlining management of operations. Simplifying digital transformation. ‚Äč

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3 simple steps to supercharge your digital twin for next-level performance and cost-savings

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Identify sources of non-revenue water earlier and with more accuracy

The cost of water lost through leaks and breaks (real loss) is estimated at $14 billion per year worldwide. Apparent loss, water lost via theft or metering inaccuracies is millions more.  Beyond the cost of replacing that water through treating and pumping and re-purchasing, the impact is felt through decreased service levels, rate increases and missing regulatory targets. Xylem Vue’s suite of digital solutions allow utilities to visualize, locate failures and meter their water systems faster, more accurately and more efficiently.

See real-world client outcomes achieved with Xylem Vue

Utilities are realizing transformational results by leveraging Xylem Vue’s digital solutions and data-driven intelligence to make effective, informed decisions and plan more confidently for the future.

>29 gallons

saved per person, per day by Albuquerque water authority in New Mexico

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1 Billion+

gallons of apparent water loss identified for Orange County utility in California

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Over $1M

saved by preventing pipeline failures and maximizing asset life in Ontario, Canada

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Discover how Xylem Vue supports better water delivery and quality

Xylem Vue’s suite of digital solutions allow utilities to visualize and meter their water systems faster, more accurately and more efficiently, while also sensing and locating failures - or potential failures - so utilities can deploy resources more quickly and at the appropriate scale.

Ensure drinking water quality at the tap

Monitor and visualize the network in real-time to make informed decisions about water usage

Monitor condition of pipes to prevent failures

Leverage in-pipe digital solutions to find leaks, air pockets, wire breaks & other potential problems

Detect, locate and prevent non-revenue water

Measure water use more accurately & reduce and prevent water loss with greater efficiency

Optimize water operations & maintenance

Operate a more efficient network while optimizing revenue with best-in-class meter technologies

Empower customers to manage their water use

Give customers usage analytics and insights so they can make informed decisions about their water

Migrate to AMI easily

Transition from ERT technology to AMI simply and cost-effectively


    “Over time with millions upon millions of gallons in lost water and revenue on the line for the utility, we knew it was time to accelerate our meter replacement program.”

    Jody Godsey, Meter Specialist Foreman
    JEA, Jacksonville, Florida

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