Flygt Concertor Eradicates Wastewater Pump Blockages for Yorkshire Water

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Yorkshire Water covers one of the largest areas in England and one of the key challenges of its network of wastewater pumping stations was pump blockages. These issues require reactive, time-consuming visits from its operations and maintenance team, which incur significant costs in fuel, time, resources and disruption to local residents. Yorkshire Water’s Dynamic Maintenance Team identified that they required an easily deployable solution that delivered tangible benefits across the network.

Read more to find out how the simple connectivity of Xylem's Flygt Concertor Pump into existing networks has meant that in less than a year Xylem has delivered solutions to over 150 dual and triple pumping stations with a further 211 on plan for Yorkshire Water.

Flygt Concertor N wastewater pump
Concertor N Flygt Concertor N provides clog-free, energy-efficient on/off pumping for wastewater pump stations,...

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