Pressure Sewer Pump Systems NZ

These systems provide reliable, effective and cost-optimised connection for a single home or an entire community to the municipal wastewater collection network.

Moving wastewater can be an uphill battle. Obstacles, such as bedrock and tough topographical conditions, present challenges. For times like these, conventional gravity sewer systems don’t make the grade. Pressurised sewage systems do. A pressurised sewage system consists of a collecting tank, a pump and the pipes required to feed wastewater into the sewer main. Several tanks and pumps, or pump stations, and pipes form a pressure sewage network. With stricter environmental regulations calling for smarter wastewater transportation, pressurised sewage systems have proven to be a safe, flexible and reliable way to move wastewater cost-effectively.

Duty Analysis



Product Features

  • High head: Up to 65m
  • Flow: Up to 0.8 l/s
  • Robust and reliable


Technical Specifications

Model MP3068.175HT 450 PC
Voltage 240Vac 50Hz
Power 0.9kW
No. of starts/hour 15
Weight 55kg approximately
Dimensions 328mm x 890mm (Diameter x H)


Technical Data

Installation depth 2m
Effective sump volume 900 litres
Station weight 92kg
Access cover Polyethylene cover
Cover is rated to carry 510kg max
Width 900mm diameter
Inlet diameter User selectable
Inlet depth 260-1400mm
Outlet diameter 32mm

Versatile, robust and reliable, Flygt pumps are rugged enough to deliver non-stop performance for virtually all application and performance requirements – time and again.

Flygt MF3068.175 PC Grinder

Pump warranty 12 Months Standard
Level sensor warranty Flygt LTU 601 level transducer and high level back-up float
Seals Double mechanical Griploc seal. Waste stream does not touch seal. Same seals as in large Municipal pumps.
Shaft Increased shaft support by double row bearings and additional bronz wear sleeve.
Grinder Wheel Commercial grade material and hardened throughout entire component.
Stator Nitrile Rubber - Grit resistance
Basin Open wet well, more storage if loss of power.
Control Panel Interfaces to most makes and models of controllers including lota panel. Option for retro-fit kit to integrate to competitor panels.
Submersible Pump Wet well & true submersible pump capable of 20M.