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Cloud Data Hosting Service for Telemetered Solutions

HydroSphere™ is a scalable collaborative data visualization platform for outdoor water monitoring.

Product Features

Empower your organization and all data stakeholders by:

  • Telling your data's story with customizable graphs, tables and dashboards
  • Never miss an event with data-driven alarms and customizable escalation
  • Defining roles and access to your data with personalized credentials for each user
  • Building networks of monitoring sites
  • Creating public websites for visualization of curated data

Configure Data Dashboard
Make your data tell an instant story with a custom, configurable data dashboard.

Alarms/Escalation Path
Create alarms so you never miss an event, and with alarm escalation paths, you can notify others if you’re not available to react.

Secure data storage and web hosting
Rest assured with 24/7 monitoring—utilizing machine learning for data classification and protection.

Export customized reports
HydroSphere allows you to create and manage custom reports that you can share with anyone; present your data how you want it to be seen.

Backfill data when transmission is interrupted
Operating on a High Availability platform, HydroSphere will always be there with your data, with a 99.9+% availability rating.

View anytime/anywhere
HydroSphere’s cloud based design allows access to your data from any webenabled device; log in
anytime, anywhere.



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Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools

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