Inside a Rule Float Switch

Take a look inside of a Rule float switch and why it makes that clicking noise.

Inside a Rule Float Switch 2:06

Jeff: Thanks for watching I'm Jeff Lander.

Mike: And I'm Mike Irving.

Jeff: And today, we're going to talk about the clicking noise you might hear with our Rule float switches. Mike?

Mike: We've got three different styles – the 37A, the 40A and the 35A. And if you've ever had one of these, you'll notice that it makes a clicking noise and some folks maybe wonder what's that clicking noise? Well, check out this video that we did. Here's a close up of the rocking motion back and forth. You'll see those two points. Opening and closing a little spring on top – it keeps the tension on those two contacts.

So that's how it works on the inside of the rocker switches. Pretty neat, very simple. If you were wondering what that little silver cylinder was, it's actually a thermal fuse. If it blows, it will not reset. And usually the reason why it blows is you put in too much amperage through it. For the most part, when was it?

Jeff: Mid 2000s, Mike. Yeah, we went away with the mercury float switches and with this new, actually better improved design, and actually environmentally friendly as well. So if you want the old style mercury switches, unfortunately, they're no longer available, but it's actually for the better because this is a better design and more environmentally friendly.

Mike: We actually have a video on jabscotech about the base that snaps off. It's a pretty neat feature. It's one of the improvements we made. Check out that video that goes into it in a little bit more detail. What do you think?

Jeff: Yeah, it was a good little tip, Mike. I think that pretty much wraps up. Thanks for watching I'm Jeff Lander

Mike: And I'm Mike Irving.

Jeff: Come back soon and we'll have some more videos for you.