Strategic transfer pump station



At one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in the Midlands, a strategic pump station was at risk of complete failure and required fast and efficient replacement within the shortest possible timeframe.

Flygt engineers contributed to designing and commissioning, a 1300-kilowatt pump station with a capacity of 6.0 m3/s (95,000 US gpm) within a 12-month period at costs well below the project budget. The station includes two wet wells to handle inflow and maintain solids in suspension and valve chambers suspended over the wet wells to minimize installation footprint. The first sump house has six fixed-speed pumps operating on a six-duty basis. The pumps are Flygt NP 3300.181LT units each rated at a flow of 0.2 m3/s (3,200 US gpm). When the inflow exceeds the capacity of the NP 3300 pumps, the water level will increase and eventually spill over into the second sump. The second sump house is equipped with four Flygt CP 3531/835 variable-speed pumps rated at 0.9 m3/s (14,000 US gpm). These pumps operate on a threeduty/ one-standby basis. Should inflow exceed the capacity of these pumps, the sump water level will increase and bring storm pumps that are mounted at a higher level in the sump into operation. The storm pumps are four fixed-speed Flygt CP 3531/805 units rated at 0.8 m³/s (12,700 US gpm) that operate on a three-duty/one-standby basis. This multiple pump installation provides a nominal combined output of 6.7 m3/s (106,000 US gpm) for the pump station.