Pipeline Inspection - Pressure & Leak Detection - Mining

Xylem pipeline inspection solutions prevent serious failures
Leaks on any type of pressure pipe can be a precursor to larger failures for your mining operation—failures that can cause costly downtime, reduce confidence levels, and lead to environmental damage. Xylem goes beyond the standard pipeline pig to offer more intelligent mining pipeline inspection. Our leak detection and mapping platform helps you find and address small leaks before they turn into larger, more severe failures.

Choose pipeline inspection you can rely on.
Finding leaks is an important aspect of managing pipelines. Xylem leak detection and X and Y mapping solutions are almost foolproof. We use proven technology, including the most advanced pipe inspection cameras and precise data for sound decision-making, to help you understand pipe conditions and stay on top of maintenance and repair.

Create field-generated maps with SmartBall® pipeline inspection platform.
This free-flowing leak detection and mapping tool is used to assess pressurized water and wastewater pipelines 8 inches and larger. It identifies leaks as small as 0.028 gal/min (0.11 liters), with a typical location accuracy of within 6 feet (1.8 meters).

Acoustically identify leaks with Sahara® pipeline inspection.
Xylem’s inspection platform uses this tethered, multi-sensor tool to acoustically identify leaks and provide pipeline condition information in real time, with no disruption to service. Product flow draws the sensor through the water, while it remains tethered to the surface, allowing it to be winched back and forth to confirm the anomaly and precise location.

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