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Mining monitoring is more precise and productive with Xylem
Today’s mining operations must meet ever-increasing social responsibility expectations, as well as ever-increasing regulation—and it’s a safe bet those trends will continue. It makes sense to address today’s environmental monitoring requirements with an eye toward those that are yet to come. Xylem provides the mining monitoring solutions you need: premium laboratory, field, portable and online instrumentation solutions, plus real-time, continuous systems—all built to serve you today, while moving your mine smoothly into tomorrow.  

Benefit with start-to-finish mining monitoring solutions.
We can help you complete environmental baseline studies for new mines and determine whether water quality is suitable for a particular process. Xylem environmental monitoring solutions continue throughout production, tracking performance so you can address issues quickly, minimize costs and limit exposure to risk.

Streamline data collection with environmental monitoring stations.
Real-time data delivered through cellular and satellite modems helps reduce trips into the field, conserving resources and lowering the total cost of environmental monitoring. Email alerts and data website portals deliver information for immediate action.

Simplify installation and service with integrated systems.
Xylem’s range of floating water quality monitoring stations provides quickly deployable platforms with remote telemetry. The system can be lifted by two people and is completely serviceable from a small boat.

Monitor ponds and reservoirs.
Our current meters and depth-sounders measure mining pond capacity and changes in storage with simultaneous bathymetric surveys, inflow/outflow rates and volumes, and monitoring channel discharge with acoustic Doppler technology.

Choose Xylem for forward-thinking mining monitoring.
Our analytics tools help you detect and manage environmental issues to control impact, comply with regulations, and prevent costly shutdowns.

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Instrumentation for control of drinking water, sewage water and industrial water treatment

OI Analytical
OI Analytical

Instruments that detect, measure, analyze and monitor chemicals in liquids, solids & gases


Acoustic Doppler instruments that measure water velocity, flow, discharge, currents, waves


Sensors, instruments, software and data collection platforms for water quality monitoring