People of Xylem spotlight on services: Solving water in the field and on the frontlines

People of Xylem spotlight on services: Solving water in the field and on the frontlines

We spoke with three Xylem colleagues about their work to solve water alongside customers – from teaming up to find new ways to manage water more efficiently, to troubleshooting issues to keep water flowing to communities amid the toughest conditions, to advancing innovation through collaboration and diversity. Read their stories.

Logan Huffstutler
Field Service Manager
Birmingham, Alabama & Pensacola, Florida

1. Can you tell us about your role?

I manage our business and service teams in Birmingham and Pensacola. My group includes expert service professionals who are highly trained to offer solution-based knowledge. Our primary responsibility is to provide high quality water and top-notch service to our customers across a range of sectors, including hospitals, research facilities, pharmaceuticals, wastewater plants and many more.

2. How do you help customers address the water challenges they face?

My team and I work with customers on-site to help them navigate problems quickly, efficiently and reliably. The work we do is often high stakes, because so many industries heavily rely on water.

For example, healthcare services and pharma depend on highly filtered or ultra-pure water that we enable through our filtration solutions for the production of medicine and medical supplies, as well as patient care. Another example: hospitals rely on de-ionized water to run their analyzer technology to analyze and test blood and urine samples.

3. Can you share a specific example?

One of our customers manufactures ingredients for medical injectables and requires a reliable supply of ultra-pure water. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when they needed to increase production significantly, they contacted us. We swiftly addressed global supply chain challenges, providing them with additional point-of-use filters to meet their requirements.

In another instance, we designed and installed a wastewater recycling system for a customer in the electronic board manufacturing industry. This customer heavily relies on de-ionized water for their wash stations. Our solution allows Xylem to monitor the system consistently, optimizing performance and giving the customer peace of mind. At Xylem, we take pride in being part of a team that goes the extra mile to serve each customer uniquely, extending beyond a typical job.

Shirley Hurtado
Field Delivery Manager
West Operations for Pure Technologies, a Xylem Brand
Carrollton, Texas

1. Can you tell us about your role?

I support a team of specialized experts who are responsible for planning and executing water pipeline inspections. We gather essential pipeline data that empowers customers like water municipalities, airports and power plants to improve how they manage their pipeline infrastructure. What I find most fulfilling about my role is the opportunity to mentor my team, continuously learn from them, and encourage them to take on new challenges and grow.

2. How have you helped a customer solve a pressing problem?

Water utilities and their communities today face huge challenges, like water affordability and water scarcity. One way that utilities are dealing with this is by replacing aging water and wastewater infrastructure. Many are also putting in place system-wide asset management programs, so they can be more proactive and strategic in how they make these upgrades.

My team provides customers with pipeline data they can use to identify which pipelines, and more precisely, which segments of those pipelines, need to be repaired or replaced to prevent leaks and failures.

This helps utilities prioritize the issues that need immediate attention, so they can get ahead of problems – and keep water flowing to their communities. It also can also help customers save money, by enabling them to pinpoint pipeline leaks and flaws.

3. Why work in the water sector and at Xylem, in particular?

Although the water sector is very broad, it feels like a tightly interconnected community because everyone shares the same, vitally important goal – what can we do to solve water? I’m drawn to Xylem, specifically, because of the boundless potential the company offers and the values that Xylem stands for, like its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Big problems – like water security – call for innovative solutions, and innovative solutions flourish when there is a rich diversity of perspectives, educational backgrounds, experiences and expertise.

I’m also drawn to Xylem because of the remarkable individuals who work here. It’s an honor to work with people who inspire and support me, and I see it as my duty to cultivate an environment that allows my team to flourish, as well.

Sargon Melki
Rental Manager in Sales
Sundbyberg, Sweden

1. Can you tell us about your role?

I work as a rental manager for Xylem Sweden, leading a team of 15 colleagues in supporting our customers and providing them with the rental solutions and expertise they need. That can mean anything from temporarily installing submersible pumps to helping mitigate flooding after a storm. Sometimes it means providing an engineered solution, like installing a customized bypass to divert water and wastewater flow in order to enable system repairs and upgrades.

2. How have you helped Xylem customers solve a pressing problem?

We recently tackled our largest-ever services project in Sweden — an ambitious renovation of a wastewater treatment plant for a utility customer.

The facility needed to continue to operate 24/7 during the upgrades, so we helped install a massive bypass, pumping and diverting 3,000 liters per second for ten weeks. This was a really challenging and important endeavor – the kind of work my team thrives at. It feels great to make a real difference for our customers and the communities they serve.

3. Why should others consider a job in water?

When you work with water and wastewater, you play a key role in ensuring that people have access to clean water and sanitation, which is crucial for human health and quality of life. The water sector also plays a big role in improving communities and making them more sustainable.

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