• Q&A: Unlocking the value of digital

    Water utility director explains why “going digital” is not an outcome, it’s a way to solve problems.

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  • Helping to solve climate change with a sponge

    Naomi Park, winner of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize, invents a new approach to big problems.

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  • Utility identifies leaks with acoustic monitoring

    Findlay Township can now remotely detect leaks before they become a bigger problem.

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  • Xylem’s rapid response to disaster in Türkiye

    After a 7.8 earthquake, Xylem's team joined partners on the ground to provide safe water.

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  • Supporting communities in Pakistan after disasters

    Q&A with a Mercy Corps field coordinator specializing in emergency response

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  • Empowering people to embrace digital

    Xylem’s Tim Braun says people and culture are key to successful digital solutions.

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  • Managing the changing tides of cybersecurity

    Xylem’s Chief Information Security Officer on how utilities can modernize while staying secure.

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Saajhi pump brings new power to small-scale farming

Late 2014 saw manufacturing stabilize for one of Xylem’s newest products, the Saajhi Stepping Pump. Measuring just over a meter high and weighing less than 20...

Xylem to develop storm water system for New Jersey coastline

Xylem has been awarded a $2.7 million contract to supply the equipment and technology for a storm water drainage system to protect against future storm damage...

Flygt pumps stabilize shipwreck in South Africa

Earlier this year, as the cargo ship MV Smart left Richards Bay in South Africa, heavy swells 10-meters high lifted the ship then smashed its hull onto the...

Ambitious Singapore transit project selects Xylem’s services

The Singapore Land Transport Authority has selected Xylem to supply water-handling equipment and services for its new Downtown Line Mass Rapid Transit project....

He designs the future

He designs the future

As a designer in Xylem’s R&D department, Patrik Andersson recently won an award for solving one of the most challenging issues in the water industry – how to...