• Water Treatment for Reuse in Emmaboda, Sweden

    Xylem’s flagship Flygt pump factory is now fully self-sufficient for process water, dramatically reducing demand on the local municipality.

Sustainable Water Solutions

The Xylem manufacturing facility in Emmaboda, Sweden, is the largest wastewater pump factory in the world, producing around 170,000 pumps each year. In the process, the factory uses 20 million litres of water.
In 2022, Xylem inaugurated an on-site water treatment plant that will make it possible for the Emmaboda factory to use 100% recycled water for factory processes, including pump test tanks, cooling in the foundry, and dilution of cutting fluids in machining processes.

Take a Virtual Tour of the Treatment Plant

As a water solutions company, Xylem is committed to taking a leading role in responsible water stewardship, including water reuse.

Xylem has applied its own expertise and best-in-class solutions to design, supply, install, monitor and manage process water treatment and recycling at the Emmaboda factory.

The water treatment plant utilizes more than 20 technologies from across Xylem’s portfolio to collect, treat, purify and deliver the process water. 

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