Bell & Gossett ecocirc® 20-18/ecocirc+ 20-18 – Variable Speed ECM Smart Circulator - Heating & Cooling

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The newest generation variable speed ECM smart circulator, ecocirc® 20-18 from Bell & Gossett provides a superior product for both heating and cooling as well as potable water. Taking it further than ever before is our new ecocirc+ 20-18 model that allows for wireless connectivity directly to your phone for full control. Combine this pump with our incredible service network, and you have a winner.

Product Features

ecocirc 20-18 Features

  • Maximum of 20 feet of head or 18 GPM
  • 70W maximum power
  • 3 modes – proportional pressure, constant pressure, or adjustable speed control
  • Fluid temperature: 14-230ºF
  • CircGuard™– complete integrated system protection
  • Automatic air purge to remove any air trapped in the pump
  • One turn knob and multicolor LED display for easy reading and setting of the pump
  • Check valve included in box
  • Insulation shell included

ecocirc+ 20-18 Features:

The ecocirc+ 20-18 comes with all of the standard features found on the ecocirc 20-18 plus the following premium features:

  • Bluetooth communication+
  • 0-10V input+
  • Temperature control+
  • eAdapt autolearn and Night Mode+
  • Digital display+



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