Xylem Green Finance


With its Green Finance Framework, Xylem may issue green financing instruments and use the proceeds to finance and refinance eligible green projects that contribute to the sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources, as well as efforts related to climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation.

The Xylem Green Finance Framework follows the Green Bond Principles (GBP) 2018 and the Green Loan Principles (GLP) 2020.

In line with the GBP and GLP, Xylem intends to allocate the net proceeds from Green Financing to a portfolio of Eligible Green Projects across Xylem’s three business segments: Water Infrastructure, Applied Water, and Measurement & Control Solutions. Xylem intends to select Eligible Green Projects that help improve water productivity, water quality and water resilience.

The Eligible Green Projects identified by Xylem fall into the following GBP/GLP categories:

  • Eco-efficient and/or circular economy adapted products, production technologies and processes
  • Sustainable water and wastewater management

As recommended by the GBP and GLP, Xylem intends to report on the allocation of net outstanding green proceeds to Eligible Green Projects in the portfolio, and the positive environmental impact related to those Projects.

Sustainalytics has independently reviewed and evaluated Xylem’s Green Finance Framework and has issued a Second Party Opinion on the Green Finance Framework.

Xylem Green Finance Framework

Second Party Opinion by Sustainalytics

2021 Green Bond Report