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Empowering Communities

We create social value by providing water-related disaster relief expertise, technology and equipment to communities in need; by educating and raising awareness about water challenges, and inspiring the next generation of water stewards; and by tapping into the passion of our more than 17,000 colleagues and stakeholder volunteers to give time to local water-related causes.


As a leading global water technology company, Xylem is dedicated to solving the world’s most challenging water issues. As a part of this mission, Xylem Watermark, the company’s corporate citizenship platform, was founded ten years ago. The program is an integral part of realizing Xylem’s vision: a world where water issues are no longer a barrier to human health, prosperity and sustainable development.

The mission of Xylem Watermark is to provide and protect safe water resources for communities around the world and educate people about water issues.

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Living the Mission: Climbing Kilimanjaro

Goal: Water Awareness

Xylem Watermark’s mission—to provide and protect safe water resources for communities in need around the world, and to educate people about water issues—comes alive through the commitment of passionate Xylem employees such as Paul Raybould.

On February 7th, Paul showed his dedication to solving water by traveling to Africa to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and interact with community members in the local area who lack access to clean water.

Prior to his six-day climb, Paul held a local fundraiser in which prizes were donated by local businesses to raise money for Xylem Watermark and an additional local charity. He also created an awareness campaign around the global water crisis in anticipation of his climb.

Paul notes that, “during the 10-12-hour treks he learned how the surrounding community’s landscape and living conditions had changed over the years,” allowing him to better understand “the ongoing challenges of the local communities.” To Paul, “the most memorable moments of the trip were hearing the stories of families obtaining clean drinking water in local towns and the changing landscapes. These were the only times the smiles left the faces of our local guide team.”

Paul was first inspired to get involved with Xylem Watermark after learning about the work we were undertaking globally. Since then, he has been an active volunteer. In total, for the Mount Kilimanjaro climb and the fundraising and awareness building efforts that Raybould put forth around the trip, Paul Raybould completed 300 hours of service.


Disaster Relief

Through Xylem Watermark’s humanitarian disaster response efforts, Xylem’s core global disaster response team works with our regional offices globally to respond when a water-related natural disaster occurs. Xylem employees provide water-related technical expertise, in-kind equipment donations and fundraising donations to communities in need, as well as to non-profit organizations such as Red Cross and Mercy Corps, to deliver immediate need supplies to those communities devastated. Xylem Watermark’s is deeply committed to sustainable community support when disasters strike and sustainable resiliency.

In 2018, Xylem Watermark’s humanitarian response for disasters resulted in more than 10 emergency response deployments.

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A Perspective from Jamie Saxe


With great enthusiasm for corporate citizenship and community outreach, I joined the Xylem team in July of 2018. Xylem was in the third year of an employee volunteerism engagement program initiative and I learned about how all of my colleagues across the globe were making a great impact aligned with the Watermark mission to provide and protect safe water resources for communities in need around the world, and to educate people about water issues.

According to the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy’s (CECP) 2018 Giving in Numbers report, which gathers insights and data from over 300 companies, the minimum participation rate to be considered in the top quartile of companies was 42%which placed Xylem alongside best-in-class company’s committed to volunteer service. I am happy to say we achieved the outstanding number of 45% of Xylem employees volunteering in 2018.

This year’s achievement brings the number of volunteer hours to over 110,000+ volunteer hours.

Additionally, the Watermark team hosts three signature corporate-sponsored engagement events annually while integrating organic event activities throughout the year, where Xylem colleagues come together throughout the year to solve water in the communities where they live and work. The first event was the Make Your Mark 30 Day Challenge that occurs each spring and is hosted between World Water Day (March 22) through Earth Day (April 22). The second took place in the summer months, when employees are encouraged to get outside and volunteer in their communities. The third event is the Global Month of Service, which is hosted in honor of Xylem’s anniversary each October.  

I’m looking forward to all the great things coming in 2019 including extending the program to our stakeholder partners and our program to even more communities.

Jamie Saxe is Xylem’s Senior Director, Watermark & Corporate Social Investment.


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