Replacement Electrodes for VARiON®Plus ISE Sensors

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The electrodes are replacement electrodes for the ISE sensors VARiON®, AmmoLyt® and NitraLyt®.

Product Features
  • replacement sensors for the IQ Sensor Net
  • electrodesfor ion selective NH4/NO3 sensors
  • Long lifetime (18 months)
  • Fast exchange
  • No drift
  • Easy matrix adjustment

These especially stable electrodes ensure long operation times and a simple cleaning method. To measure, simply install the respective electrode into the IQ SENSOR NET, everything else will take place automatically. In the measured value display, the values that have already been compensated, are displayed, you can select potassium or chloride output. These values also stand for the signal output per 0/4-20 mA output or digital output (Profibus, Modbus RTU, Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, PROFINET) is directly available.

The electrodes are replacement electrodes for the ISE sensors VARiON®, AmmoLyt® and NitraLyt®. Thereby, all 5 electrodes (1 reference, 2 measuring, 2 compensation electrodes) are basically usable for the 2 parameter sensor VARiON®. The measuring electrode VARiON®Plus NH4 and the compensation electrode VARiON®Plus K can further be used for the ammonium sensor AmmoLyt®. The measuring electrode VARiON®Plus NO3 and the compensation elektrode VARiON®Plus Cl are also fitting into the nitrate sensor NitraLyt®. The reference electrode can be connected to all 3 sensors.

Available Versions

SKU: 107042 - VARiON®Plus Ref - ISE replacement electrode, IQ sensors
SKU: 107044 - VARiON®Plus NH4 - ISE replacement electrode, IQ sensors
SKU: 107045 - VARiON®Plus NO3 - ISE replacement electrode, IQ sensors
SKU: 107046 - VARiON®Plus K - ISE replacement electrode, IQ sensors
SKU: 107047 - VARiON®Plus CI - ISE replacement electrode, IQ sensors




Replacement electrodes for ISE sensors
Measuring range/ Resolution
NO3-N: 1 … 1,000 mg/l / 1 mg/l; 0.1 ... 100 mg/l / 0,1 mg/l NO3-: 5 … 4500 mg/l / 1 mg/l; 0.5 ... 450.0 mg/l / 0,1 mg/l
Compensation Ranges
Cl-: 0.1 ... 1,000 mg/l / 0.1 mg/l
Measuring Accuracy in laboratory standard solutions
± 5 % of measured value ± 0.2 mg/l in standard solutions
Calibration Procedures
Matrix adjustment against any reference value, 2-point-calibration possible with multiple standard solution
Working Life (typically)
Reference electrode: 18 months, measuring and compensation electrode: 18 months (in typical application - municipal sewage plants)
Temperature Measurement and Compensation
Integrated NTC thermistor, Range 32 °F … 104 °F (0 °C … +40 °C), Accuracy ±0.5 K, Resolution 0.1 K, t95 < 20 s
Pressure Resistance
Maximum 0.2 bar (incl. SACIQ sensor connection cable, with installed electrodes)
Ambient Conditions
Operating temperature: 32 °F … 104 °F (0 °C … +40 °C), storing temperature: 32 °F … 104 °F (0 °C … +40 °C)
1 year for defects of quality
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools