pH electrodes and sensors for drinking water

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pH electrodes and sensors to be conencted to digital and analog systems
pH electrodes and sensors to be connected to the IQ Sesnor Net, pH 298 and MULTILINE 1000:

  • Electrode with arming for IQ SENSOR NET
  • Electrode and sensor for analog systems
  • Easy handling

For the measurement of pH in drinking water, WTW offers different solutions. For our digital system IQ SENSOR NET, we recommend the electrode SensoLyt® DWA. By ist arming, it can be installed within the pH armature SensoLyt® 700 IQ and therefore operated at the IQ SENSOR NET.

For the measurement with analog systems, we recommend different products, depending on the local installation possibilities: The electrode SensoLyt® DW (without arming, with S7 plug head) or the sensor SenTix® ML 70 (with PG 13,5 thread, with S7 plug head). Both - electrode and sensor - can be connected to the analog transmitters pH 298 and MULTILINE 1000.

SKU: 109119
SensoLyt® DWA - armored pH electrode, drinking water

SKU: 109103
SensoLyt® DW - pH electrode, drinking water

SKU: 104100
SenTix®ML 70 - pH electrode, drinking water incl cable

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools