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The new System 281 for the IQ Sensor Net - Universal monitor WTW DIQ/S 281-CR2 is a low-cost alternative to single point monitoring of pH / ORP, dissoved oxygen, turbidity or conductivity.

The WTW 281 Controller is a direct replacement for the IQSN 181 Controller

Product Features
  • Proven and reliable IQ Sensor Net technology
  • 100 % IQ Sensor Net look & feel
  • 2 mA for main and secondary parameter
  • 2 relays for alarm for main and secondary value
  • You can easily upgrade to DIQ/S 282/284, since IQ sensors can be retained
  • Free software updates with new features

With the system 281, WTW offers a digital and cost-effective alternative to analog measuring points. Our IQ sensors (also as seawater version) are available for the parameters pH/redox, conductivity, oxygen or turbidity.

You will receive a cost-effective measuring point with proven WTW IQ Sensor Net technology. In addition to the power supply via a wide range power supply (100-240VAC) or via 24 V, 2 current outputs and 2 relays are also available.

Application Examples

Developed for wastewater, successfully applied in drinking water applications and the process industry for many years: The robust products of WTW are
made for many applications. Try it yourself!

Available Versions

DIQ/S 281
Dual IQ/System 281, Universal monitor for the connection of 1 digital IQ sensor (pH/ORP, D.O., conductivity or turbidity), with 2 analog outputs (0/4-20 mA) and 2 relays, 100 ... 240 VAC

DIQ/S 281/24V
Similiar to the DIQ/S 281, but for 24 V AC/ DC voltage supply

Compatible IQSN Sensors

(please order cable separately)

  • SensoLyt® 700 IQ
    Digital pH/ORP fitting for SensoLyt® electrode, with integrated preamplifier and temperature sensor
  • TetraCon® 700 IQ
    Digital 4 electrode conductivity measuring cell for highly contaminated wastewater
  • TriOxmatic® 700 IQ
    Universal oxygen sensor for the measurement and regulation of oxygen input in wastewater treatment plants
  • FDO® 700 IQ
    Optical O2 sensor for connection to the IQ Sensor Net
  • FDO® 701 IQ
    Similar to the FDO® 700 IQ, but with a faster response time
  • VisoTurb® 700 IQ
    Digital turbidity sensor with integrated ultrasonic cleaning




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