Sensus FlexNet EasyLink™ WorkBook Application

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Product Features
  • Provides a GPS-based mapping interface to graphically depict the location of each meter along a route to instantly verify each reading
  • Maps similar to GPS show your current location
  • Meter locations along each route can be optionally set by the utility to change color or disappear from the screen when collected
  • The on-screen map automatically shifts position when used with the GPS system, keeping the vehicle location “positioned” on the map as it travels along the route
  • Map layers include meter information, street names and other useful information
  • Shortens meter read time and reduces costs
  • On-screen instant reading verification helps eliminate the need to re-drive the routes to obtain readings which may have been missed
  • Eliminates guesswork in establishing the most efficient routes for radio-based meter reading
  • Alerts the meter reader of multiple alarm conditions to include leaks, high/low, low battery
  • Non-radio-equipped meters can be depicted on digital route maps to alert the user that manual or special readings are required at the specific locations
  • Route statistics are saved and displayed while being loaded and read
  • Real-time data transference and route updates (Wi-Fi and cellular options)

For more information about this product, download the data sheet.

The FlexNet EasyLink™ WorkBook application provides on-screen mapping for for the FlexNet EasyLink™ Mobile Communications solution. WorkBook allows utilities to simultaneously read both Sensus SmartPoint® modules and Itron ERTs in a drive-by environment. WorkBook enhances vehicle-based meter reading and allows the end-user to view routes and their status.

Benefits to you

  • Real-time data transfer via Wi-Fi or cellular
  • Instant access to assigned route reading tasks (via Wi-Fi or cellular)
  • Work offline in the absence of data connectivity
  • Maps similar to GPS show your current location
  • Real-time access to meter-reading status via GPS
  • Visual alert statuses identify problems at the meter


Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools