Stories of Xylem customers and partners solving water

Stories of Xylem customers and partners solving water

Threats like water scarcity, water affordability and infrastructure resilience continue to escalate, making water a central issue for water utilities, industrials and other commercial users of water – and making news headlines. Here’s a look at recent media and journal coverage featuring Xylem customers and partners addressing their toughest water challenges and improving their communities.

Italy: Ensuring a more efficient and reliable water supply

Italian water utility Publiacqua in Tuscany is taking action to make its water supply more reliable and efficient. The utility is adopting innovative digital solutions including meter data analytics, real-time leak detection modules and predictive maintenance tools. These technologies, provided by Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua’s software and analytics platform, will help Publiacqua identify and address leaking pipes, prevent disruptions and optimize maintenance efforts – enabling the water operator to reduce costs and increase water supply reliability and sustainability. World Pumps reports.

China: Handling wastewater while protecting local ecology

As part of its COP28 coverage, China Global Television Network recently reported on a rural sewage treatment project undertaken by the village of Zhejiang, China, in partnership with Xylem’s corporate social responsibility program Watermark and the China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF). The village’s local sewage management operator worked with Xylem and CWDF to install a new treatment system that’s treating sewage to top standards before releasing it back into nature – making a major difference for the community and its ecosystem. Watch the video.

Qatar: Detecting water leaks in distribution networks

Smart Water Magazine recently spotlighted the government of Qatar’s innovative work with Xylem and Idrica – a provider of water data management, analytics and smart-water solutions – to detect water leaks in the country’s water distribution networks. Every year, these leaks result in thousands of liters of lost water in Qatar. The customer worked with Idrica Qatar (Aguas de Valencia International) and Xylem to leverage a water leak detection service utilizing Xylem’s SmartBall, a free-swimming inspection tool used to detect leaks and gas pockets and map pipelines that can be used in pressurized water and wastewater pipelines without disrupting regular service. Read more.

UK: Increasing water reuse to tackle water scarcity

Innovative utilities in England and Wales are increasingly exploring the use of water reuse to tackle the growing challenge of water scarcity and drought in the region. By 2050, a shortfall of approximately 4,000 ml/day is forecast between available water supplies and expected demand in England. Water Magazine recently featured insights from Beatrice Martin, Business Development Manager at Xylem Water Solutions UK & Ireland, who writes, “It is encouraging to see proposals for 11 new water recycling schemes – for indirect reuse – in catchments expected to be the worst affected by water scarcity.” Read more.

U.S.: Adopting innovative solutions to meet growing challenges

Geopolitical tensions and the rise of emerging AI technologies like ChatGPT are placing greater pressure on water utilities and industrial users of water to find new approaches. In the latest issue of Kogod Sustainability Review, published by the Kogod School of Business at American University, Xylem senior vice president and chief strategy and external affairs officer Al Cho spotlights how water operators are adopting innovative solutions and practices to meet growing water challenges. “Forward-looking cities like Valencia in Spain have reduced losses by 30 percent by building digital twins of their water networks using real-time sensors and advanced data analytics, enabling them to identify losses and repair leaks efficiently.” Read more.