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elimi-NITE denitrification system

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Product Features
  • A better way to convert nitrate nitrogen to nitrogen gas in effluent stream
  • Carbon source can be fed on mass basis with feed-forward control and/or feedback control
  • Users can set and hold the optimum desired nitrate concentration
  • Least amount of dissolved oxygen gain in feed-water
  • Run times and carbon usage approach 100% of theoretical filter bed loading limits

Achieve desirable nitrogen levels

Leopold elimi-NITE® 2.0 denitrification system is an effective method of reducing nitrate nitrogen in the effluent stream of a wastewater treatment plant by converting nitrate nitrogen to nitrogen gas.  The biological conversion is done in an attached growth, downflow, deep bed, mono-media filter.  Dissolved oxygen is removed to create an anoxic environment for denitrification, and particulate matter is removed so insoluble phosphorous is removed, as well.  The system adds supplemental carbon source or microbiological food needed to metabolize the nitrogen.

Controls are key

The elimi-NITE 2.0 system builds on Xylem's original system and offers users increased efficiency and additional features, including feed forward and/or feedback control of the carbon source, several types of level control, media selection, backwash optimization and run time optimization. 

Various controls allow for optimum performance.  The carbon source can be fed on a mass basis using the filter influent flow rate and nitrate concentration, or using feed-forward control. The feedback portion of the system’s control algorithm allows users to set and hold the optimum desired effluent nitrate concentration.  And by using our constant water level control, you can achieve the least amount of dissolved oxygen gain in the feed-water, which lowers the overall amount of carbon source needed to achieve process goals. 



General Information
elimiNITE denitrification system
Municipal Wastewater Treatment
Flow rate
1 MGD+ (3,788 m3/day+)
Contaminates removed
Total Suspended Solids, Ortho-phosphorus, Nitrate, Organics
Process warranties offered
Effluent quality for Nitrate <1.0 mg/L and Ortho-Phosphorous <0.2 mg/L
Single source responsibility
Yes, to supply all system components
Types of backwash suitable
Sustained air/water
Standards met
CA Title 22
Flume types suitable
Flat Bottom Flume, Front Flume, Center Flume, H-Flume
Construction type
New or existing regardless of current underdrain type
System Components
elimiNITE denitrification system
Dual parallel lateral underdrain available
Type XA , Type S, and Type SL
Media support systems available
Graded gravel or I.M.S 1000 media retainer
Types of media that can be used
Deep Bed Silica Sand
Trough types
Fiberglass, Stainless Steel, or concrete with curvilinear weirs
Carbon sources
Methanol, acetic acid, sugars, proprietary carbon mixtures
Carbon feed type
Feed forward and/ or feedback
Control system
Automatic, Manual, Semi-Automatic
System control
PC, PLC, HMI, Touchscreen
Gas release control or bump
Based on time or integrated gas accumulation
Valve actuator
Electric, pneumatic, hydraulic
Flow measuring instruments
Venturi, Mag-meter, transit time
Turbidimeters, Particle Counters, Nitrate, Phosphorus, TOC, DO
Blower types
Positive Displacement, Centrifugal
Pump types
Submersible, end suction, split case, vertical turbine
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools