The powerful message behind our Closer Than You Think campaign needed a suitably epic launch activity. The Changing Room was a spectacular projection, which is delivering our message memorably to City players, fans and the world.

In the iconic Manchester City dressing room, we surprised City stars Sergio Agüero, David Silva and Ilkay Gündogan, surrounding them with a projection mapped display of dystopian visions of the future, educating them that the world’s water challenges are closer than you think…

Behind the Scenes

City’s star striker Sergio Agüero talks about the impact the projection, and its message, had on him.

Then, a few members of the team who helped to put the project together talk about how it was created, and the challenges faced with such a production.

Closer to Home: MCFC | Mens & Womens

Discover the water challenges faced in recent years in the home cities of the Man City players.

To raise awareness of the diverse range of water problems faced across the world, our content series highlights recent water issues in the home countries and cities of the Manchester City team, Man City Women and New York City FC. Nowhere on the planet is without its water challenges – something we’re dramatising with the help of the Man City men’s and women’s team, and New York City FC players. Discover water challenges Closer to Home.

Sergio Agüero kicks off the series by sharing some of the recent water issues in his home city of Buenos Aires.


David Silva talks about the challenges faced in his native Gran Canaria, and mainland Spain.


Ilkay Gündoğan discusses problems caused by recent droughts in his homeland, showing how water problems can affect everywhere and everyone.

Jill Scott, from South Shields in the northeast of England, introduces the serious water issues the region has faced.


Caroline Weir introduces some of the serious water problems faced north of the border, including flood, drought and contamination.


Steph Houghton shares how Britain’s past has contributed to water contamination issues in the north of England.


Closer to Home: New York City FC

From wildfires to snowmelt, Anton Tinnerholm delves into the wide-ranging effects of drought and rising temperatures in his home country of Sweden.


Ben Sweat brings to the fore some of the water challenges faced in his hometown of Florida, revealing the risk of coastal flooding and water pollution faced by inhabitants of the sunshine state.


Ismael Tajouri-Shradi dissects some of the water challenges facing his home country of Switzerland, drawing attention to increasing levels of water toxicity, and the likelihood of glacial melting.

Jesus Medina’s home country of Paraguay has experienced water challenges at both ends of the scale in recent years, with river flooding and drought posing serious threats to humans and wildlife.


Sebastian Ibeagha unveils some of the water challenges faced in his home country of Nigeria, discussing the lack of access to clean drinking water, flooding, and crude oil pollution.



Tackle the Hurricane

Tackle the Hurricane

To raise awareness of the growing threat posed by severe weather in New York and around the world, we tested New York City FC players' resilience, training in extreme weather conditions against their biggest fan.  We’re working to make urban areas more resilient so the people who live, work and play there don’t have to be.


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