OSCAR process performance optimizer - advanced process controls

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Product Features

  • Real-time wastewater process measurement and control
  • Advanced probes and control systems
  • Intuitive graphic user interface (GUI)
  • Helps reduce energy consumption
  • Maintains effluent quality by stabilizing treatment processes
  • Modular design with plug-and-play sensors
  • Automatic report generation, including tables and graphs, and customized reports
  • Assembled, programmed and tested hardware and software prior to shipping
  • Extended warranties and process guarantees

What OSCAR does

Xylem’s OSCAR process performance optimizer provides real-time wastewater process measurement and control to optimize operations. OSCAR reduces energy consumption while stabilizing the treatment process and maintaining effluent quality by combining the monitoring capability of the most advanced probes and control systems for aeration and Solids Retention Time (SRT). 

Through intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI), combined with the transparency provided by real-time monitoring, actual treatment process conditions are always known. No more guessing — just ask OSCAR. OSCAR provides the tools needed to successfully and efficiently operate the wastewater treatment plant.

Control and optimization start with measurement. If it can’t be measured, it can’t be controlled, much less optimized. That’s why OSCAR uses the most advanced Xylem brand sensors and probes from WTW and YSI for reliable monitoring. 

Leveraging the aeration expertise plus the biological process control mastery of Sanitaire, OSCAR process performance optimizer continuously monitors process parameters in the influent, treatment zones and final effluent. It then stages and fine tunes blowers, pressure, air flow, and solids wasting to deliver the effluent quality required at substantial energy savings.

OSCAR’s intelligent control

Biological Nitrogen Removal (BNR) is often controlled using DO levels alone, resulting in excessive energy consumption or inconsistent effluent quality or both. OSCAR uses a smart control algorithm, using both DO and NH4 levels to optimize aeration or anoxic conditions in the appropriate zones. With energy efficient equipment and intelligent control, energy savings for BNR processes of 10% is possible. By using new Ion Selective Electrode technology, which is lower cost and lower maintenance than old wet chemistry analyzers, BNR control is enhanced, putting control within the reach of even small wastewater treatment plants.

Operating at a higher DO than is necessary to maintain a healthy biomass just wastes energy. OSCAR uses real-time monitoring of DO in the basin to adjust aeration rates, minimizing energy consumption. It also ensures effluent quality meets discharge requirements by monitoring effluent parameters (BOD, NH4, DO).

OSCAR not only stabilizes operations by controlling Solids Retention Time (SRT), but also monitors the MLSS in the aeration basin and TSS in the waste stream.

Using Sludge Inventory Management System (SIMS) SRT controlling software, OSCAR adjusts the waste pumping rates to maintain the proper SRT for effluent requirements.

The result is consistent settling characteristics, energy optimization and reliable, high-quality effluent.

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