Smart Planning for Hurricane Season Starts Here: August 3 Webinar

Smart Planning for Hurricane Season Starts Here: August 3 Webinar
by Mike Delzingaro

Everyone from the southern tip of Texas to the very top of Maine knows what the news is going to look like when a hurricane is approaching - reporters standing outside in the high winds with trees or traffic signs bending and banging behind them.

Those high winds are dramatic and they are what pushes a storm into the hurricane category.  But the bigger danger is the flooding that comes with – or follows – the hurricane. During Hurricane Sandy, for example, 65 percent of the insured losses were caused by the catastrophic storm surges. Sandy raised water levels past the point of no return, which resulted in coastal and inland flooding up and down the entire East Coast.

After Sandy, there’s no reason anybody should be caught off-guard by flooding. Of course you want to protect your property, people and operation from wind damage, but you need to be worry just as much – or more – about water damage.

To help you get weather-ready and water-ready this hurricane season, we are hosting a webinar with expert insights from Hunter Powell, a Xylem Senior Applications Engineer who is a leading solution provider in the heart of hurricane alley. On August 3, Hunter will cover this season’s hurricane forecast, the elements of a strong contingency plan, your biggest “after the storm” priorities, and the urgent need to start planning right now.

We’re more than a month into hurricane season now, but the peak – which runs from late August through September – is still in front of us. When hurricanes hit, it’s hard to keep calm and come up with a plan. The goal of this webinar is to teach you what you need to do now, while it’s still quiet and you have the time and presence of mind to put the best possible plan together. With the right dewatering strategies, pump rental equipment and resources you can minimize hurricane damage that protects your community and give you a peace of mind.

Hurricanes are strong, but knowledge is more powerful. Spending 45 minutes with us on August 3 could very well save you months of recovery work and operations headaches. So sign up today to hear from – and engage with – a Xylem expert about preventing flood damage this hurricane season.

Thursday, August 3 | 11 AM EST

Webinar: It’s HurricaneSeason - Get Weather-Ready with Smart Planning

Host: Hunter Powell, Xylem Senior Applications Engineer