Governance and Ethics

Organizations serve many masters – employees, customers, investors, regulators and communities.  Good corporate governance results in a well-run company where all of these parties can see and understand critical decisions.  

At Xylem, good corporate governance is non-negotiable.  We have created a business structure and have controls in place that promote corporate fairness, transparency and accountability.  The oversight begins with our Board of Directors.  It continues with internal controls that monitor our business practices and minimize the risks we face.  And it encompasses robust ethics and compliance training and reporting systems that ensure our employees know what's right – and, just as important, know where to turn if they feel something might be wrong.

In these ways and many more, we are working to build a high level of trust with all our stakeholder groups.  Trust is an essential ingredient of sustainability.  We believe we will make a positive, long-term impact on the world's water situation, and by running our company the right way, we are giving all our stakeholders a reason to believe, too.​​


                                                                      Anyone wishing to raise a concern may do so either by calling 1-866-886-8605 in the U.S. (or 1-503-619-1880 internationally) or by visiting Xylem’s online reporting portal at