Achieve peace of mind knowing your AMI solution is secure.

Cybersecurity must stay at the forefront of activity as technology is constantly changing.

The network matters

Sensus is the only AMI solution provider with a private, FCC licensed RF network. The FlexNet® communication network is based on licensed spectrum providing its own built-in, multi-layered security shield—in which all layers are active all the time to protect data at rest and in transmission. Layering security, wrapping one security layer upon another, takes the licensed spectrum system to thresholds unattainable elsewhere. This level of network security cannot be matched by mesh networks, which by their nature create numerous areas for potential intrusion. A private, point-to-multipoint network sets the gold standard for resilience and security, providing unparalleled peace-of-mind for utilities in their fight to combat cyberthreats.

Secure by design

All solutions are designed and built from the ground up to provide end-to-end security protection. Sensus applies the top information security benchmark model to mitigate risks during the design, development, testing and operations of our solutions. This process is guided by three elements 1) confidentiality, 2) integrity and 3) availability—also known as the CIA Triad.

Additional security protection is ensured through:

  • Extensive independent third-party testing and certification
  • Application of industry standard processes and measures including NIST, SDLC and ITIL
  • Maintaining compliance of regulatory requirements
  • Continual threat prevention through patches, anti-viruses, firewalls and layered levels of encryption
  • Scrutinizing and deploying the latest cyber technology measures such as Blockchain
  • 24x7x365 data monitoring at secure Tier IV data centers.
  • 24x7x365 network monitoring at a world-class Network Operations Center (NOC)

Sensus leads the industry through the deployment of Pervasive Security, which adds defense in depth through multiple layers of security; and breadth by placing security around each critical system, and across each critical network nexus.