Food & Beverage

Consistent & sustainable water management for all your food & beverage plant requirements

Water is a critical input into every food and beverage plant, not only to get the safest quality product but also for the secondary processes such as cooling, utensil and environmental washing, plus for the CIP (clean-in-place) systems. Optimizing water and energy use and ensuring it’s of the highest quality consistently throughout the cycle from intake to discharge is crucial both to reduce costs, as well as running a safe and sustainable operation.

Our technologies span the entire water cycle for food and beverage operations across a wide range of applications, including everything from water intake, process, cleaning and disinfection to wastewater treatment, reuse, and dispense. At Xylem, our solutions are designed to give optimum quality and lower your total cost of ownership. By leveraging our equipment and solution expertise, we can help you achieve the best ROI and meet key KPIs across all departments.


Quality. Sustainability. Consistency. Profitability. These are the main challenges facing food and beverage manufacturers today.


We at Xylem are the water and wastewater, food service, and beverage dispensing experts. We look at the entire water cycle within your food and beverage plant so you can focus on doing what you do best - making world class products and leaving the water and wastewater management to us. Additionally, Xylem’s broad portfolio of beverage dispensing solutions provides the reliable performance needed to deliver an exceptional customer experience at every opportunity. We’re here to help with our proven track record across a wide variety of food and beverage areas and applications.